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How a partner adds software engineering to his service portfolio

Learn how we collaborate with consulting firms to enable their software engineering capabilties.

Empowering a partner with Tailored Software Development Solutions


Our partner, an established name in cloud consulting, encountered a common industry hurdle. Their expertise was profoundly rooted in cloud services, but they lacked an in-house software development department to cater to diverse client needs, especially when clients required dedicated software solutions or participation in tenders involving developmental work. This gap threatened to impede their market expansion and client service capabilities.

The Challenge

Among several undertakings, one was especially challenging: a comprehensive revamp was needed for an intricate, long-standing proprietary tool. The re-development of this sophisticated system required a caliber of software expertise not available within the consulting firm. Moreover, they needed to demonstrate proficiency in navigating issues of compliance, risk management, and scalability, while also cultivating effective communication and trust with their clients.

Our Partnership Solution

Compliance & Trust Building

  • Deployed EU-based engineers to meet client compliance standards.
  • Operated as a subcontractor, with transparent disclosure of our international freelancers.
  • Instituted a back-to-back payment agreement, safeguarding both parties financially.
  • Established meticulous client meeting protocols to maintain clarity and trust.

Scalability & Resource Management

  • Demonstrated the capacity to promptly scale engineering teams as per project demands.
  • Implemented structures for managing large engineering contingents efficiently.
  • Addressed growth-related cash flow constraints through strategic steps, ensuring uninterrupted project progression.

Technical Execution

  • Spearheaded the revamp of a critical, complex legacy tool, pivotal to our partner’s competitive edge.
  • Chose a future-proof tech stack, balancing robust performance with the need for adaptability.
  • Went beyond coding to infuse the project with deep sector insights, elevating the tool’s operational standards and reinforcing our partner’s market position.

Unified Front

  • Ensured all collaborators used the consulting firm’s domain for communication, emphasizing a cohesive partnership.
  • Participated actively in business development stages, defending the consulting firm’s business interests.
  • Built client trust through calculated, consistent initial interactions, gradually cementing the partnership’s reliability.

Protecting Partner Interests

  • Guaranteed alignment between our technical leads and the consulting firm’s goals.
  • Handled client dynamics skillfully, reinforcing our partners’ position in all negotiations.

The Outcome

Our dedication to partnership enhanced the consulting firm’s operational capabilities. By facilitating swift team mobilizations, from preliminary discussions to collaborative business strategies, and deploying skilled development units, we filled their existing void. Our neutral stance towards technology empowered the firm to offer an extensive range of technological solutions. Furthermore, our fully integrated offerings, including client-facing software architects acting under the consulting firm’s identity, solidified their market position as a comprehensive cloud services provider.

Parting Thoughts

This alliance highlights our devotion to respecting partner confidence, sustaining adaptable interactions, and delivering a broad array of technological resolutions. We blend effortlessly into partner activities, enhancing their strengths, and encouraging shared advancement. With Solomia Solutions, partners discover more than a vendor; they gain a strategic collaborator in achieving their commercial goals.
How do you interact with our own clients?

We handle client interactions with the utmost professionalism, respect, and adherence to our partners' brand guidelines. We present a unified front under our partners' branding, communicate transparently, and always place the client's interests at the heart of our strategy and decisions.

How does the contractual agreement work (back to back)?

We implement a "back-to-back" contractual arrangement, providing clear structure and safeguarding both Solomia Solutions' interests and those of our partners. This includes agreements on performance expectations, payment terms, compliance requirements, and risk management.

What sets your service apart from other nearshoring options?

Our nearshoring approach stands out due to its quality, flexibility, and commitment of highly skilled professionals. Our teams are technically proficient and culturally aligned for seamless integration into German businesses. We emphasize transparent communication, comprehensive project management, and flexible readiness, adapting to our partners' needs.

How do we reassure our engineers who have concerns about their jobs?

We acknowledge these concerns and stress that our role is complementary, not a substitution. Our partnership aims to enhance existing capacities, unlock new project opportunities, and create added value by contributing specialized skills that may not be internally available. By winning together, career opportunities for all involved teams also expand.

How is compliance ensured in the collaboration?

Compliance is integral to our partnerships. We strictly adhere to regional and international regulations, including consideration for subcontracting agreements and issuing German invoices. All freelancers operate under our supervision to ensure compliance with all standards and contractual conditions.

How do you manage the risk in tenders/pre-sales?

Pre-sales and tenders involve inherent risks, but our motto is, "You win, we win." We engage in the tender process with full transparency, seeking risk sharing based on trust and mutual benefit. Our relationship is geared towards shared success, and we invest the necessary resources and expertise to maximize joint business opportunities.

How do you ensure consistently high quality?

Quality is at the core of what we do. We rely on continuous quality checks, peer reviews, regular team upskilling, and the application of proven software development methodologies. Through these measures, we ensure that the solutions delivered meet, and often exceed, our partners' requirements.

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